A Brief History

CFTS.CO was born from Computer Facilities a sole proprietorship that was started in 1994, by Alan Graham (r.i.p), Tasha Mabonga and Peter Atkin,  it was started up as a fun thing to do, that could both occupy our time and help the struggling IT market.

We started by offering IT services and project management, and then slowly moved into the retail side of things as a service to our existing client base.

Ian Atkin joined us in mid-2000 to head up projects started to develop internal capacity and growth within this area, Ian’s total attention to detail, design, training and exceptional team building abilities left us with a legacy to which we have been building on ever since.

Our first major Project was in 2000, we were charged to design and build a technical medical grade Power Solution that would keep UVRI -80 degree freezers up and running, along with the network for 8 hours should the generators fail, using solid-state only, The installation became so successful it became the benchmark for every other inverter-based solution thereafter even to this day.

We’ve had several notable projects since then probably our most notable so far has been the US Embassy network expansion in Kampala 2006/2007, Total E&P CAT7 Network in 2011/12 Acacia Hotel Rwanda 2017/18

Now CFTS provides a complete outsourcing service for bespoke IT development, support and maintenance. Ensuring that the client’s goals are achieved while maintaining the highest industry standards in an efficient and timely manner, industry leading warranty and support back all services and products.

Our service clients include development aid, media, contingency operations, telecommunications, security and extractive industries.

Mon - Fri: 09:00-17:30 EAT
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Public Holidays: Closed

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Ours is a rich history providing holistic ICT support services; by designing, developing, implementing reliable and effective solutions, over the years we’ve learnt a thing or two about helping our customers getting IT right, the first time.

East Africa (Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, Sudan) and DRC