Business Continuity and Planning

Business continuity planning is an enterprise's strategic framework for responding to natural and manmade disasters, with the design and execution of the plan collectively outlined by the management and leadership team in line with the organisation's resiliency requirements and objectives, a contextually relevant crisis plan can be designed that can give you a working model for transitioning the emergency and maintaining business continuity, that's where CFTS comes in.

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Business Continuity Planning

CFTS will work with your team to develop your organization’s backup and recovery schedule to ensure your business recovery plan gets you back on your feet in your required timeline.
cfts 3 2 1 backup ruleThis ensures that no matter how dire the situation, data is not lost and your return to operations schedule is met.

Disaster Recovery

Your data is protected in the event of a fire, theft, sabotage, hardware failure, or natural disaster in our secure, offsite data centre. Use our Cloud Continuity service to keep all of your data and applications available and up and running in the cloud. Then, use our Bare Metal Restore (BMR) capabilities to bring your continually backed up data back to your repaired or replaced servers.

Our end-to-end solution can provide simple backup or high-availability off-site replication for fail-over in the case of disaster.

Full snapshots of servers are utilized to limit the costly time associated with reinstalling software and configuring systems. Simply fail-over to your backup solution and continue working.

Managed Backup

CFTS's backup experts will monitor and manage your backup solution to ensure it’s running at peak efficiency and that your data is protected. CFTS can assist with test restores to ensure that all data is being protected appropriately.

Our managed backup services include experience, expertise and operational support for the following technologies:

  • Unitriends
  • Veeam
  • Native Windows Backups
  • Azure
  • Custom Hybrid Solutions

Backup Services

backup as a service

Cloud Recovery Services

Using our own (CFTS) secure hybrid cloud services located locally and in Europe, or using the more mainstream ones, in the event of a server outage, you can run servers on the onsite appliance with a single click until the new hardware is ready.

If your entire building or infrastructure is destroyed, you can quickly virtualize your servers and work off of the secure cloud, this means very little downtime, even in the event of a major disaster.


Manage Hybrid Cloud Services – the perfect combination of Public Cloud, Private Cloud & Dedicated Servers for your mission-critical workloads.

Public cloud manages uncertain traffic, Private cloud avails better security and control, and Dedicated Servers enhances performance and robustness.

  • Public Cloud
  • Private Cloud
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Dedicated Servers
  • Virtualised Infrastructure
  • Remote/Local Storage

CFTS have been designing and implementing Backup Recovery Solutions for over 20 years, our solutions are reliable robust and scalable.

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