Business Internet and WiFi Services

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Last Mile

The ‘last mile’ is often the most complex, sensitive and the most expensive part of the communications solution.

  • Colocation And Data Services
  • Cloud Connectivity
  • Managed Router And Security
  • Metro Ethernet
  • SD-WAN

These solutions often involve several technologies and media ranging from a simple wireless link to a VSAT, fibre, microwave, laser combination and can get very complex depending on the requirements and location.

Business Internet Services

Our business Internet services provide performance and security with your business demands to grow and thrive. CFTS delivers powerful connectivity, network services and dedicated support.

  • Fibre or Radio to the Door
  • 100GB of Secure storage per 1Mbps
  • Direct UXIP Connectivity
  • Local POP (Point of Presence)
  • Ad-Blocking (frees up bandwidth)
  • DOH (DNS over HTTPS)
  • Commercial grade VPN included
  • Local Loop Connectivity
  • Regional Connectivity
  • Bandwidth on Demand
  • One Point of Contact
  • Multiple International Routes

With the rise of cloud technology, web hosting services, VoIP, high-definition video and other critical applications—plus the explosion of Big Data—your business demands more from your network than ever before.

Included Package for every connection 

Whether you are looking for a personal/business website hosting, collaboration tools or a fully-fledged cloud infrastructure and facilities, CFTS has the perfect solution for you.

  • Professional Hosting Package **
  • with 1 Free Domain (.org or .com)
  • 10 e-mails address
  • SSL Certificate
  • 10GB of Web/e-mail Space
  • Dedicated Control Panel
  • Secure Mail System
  • All hosted in Tier 3/4 Data Centres

CFTS are providers of boutique managed and none managed cloud and hosting services to the SMB and enterprise market in Uganda since 1994.

Business Wifi Solutions

Managed WiFi Solutions, Enhance your business productivity and enrich customer experiences with strong and secure WiFi connectivity.

  • Improve Network Capacity
  • Private And Guest Networks
  • Indoor And Outdoor
  • Custom Installation
  • LAN Integration
  • Security and Support

ZyXEL enterprise and business wi-fi

Our reliable business Internet solutions are expertly designed for organizations of all sizes.

VSAT Internet Services and Solutions

CFTS provides VSAT satellite services for broadband Internet access, business connectivity, service providers, mobile operators, and a wide range of industries, we cover Africa, the Americas, Middle East and Asia-Pacific.

  • Global and immediate coverage
  • 0.75 to 3.8-meter Dish using:
  • C, Ku or Ka-band frequencies
  • Single Platform service delivery
  • Guaranteed bandwidth provisioning
  • Guaranteed delivery commitment
  • Independence of Local Providers

Dedicated Bandwidth services deliver 100% CIR connectivity anywhere on Earth and are the perfect backbone and trunking solutions for Internet service providers and mobile network operators. A remote VSAT can be configured to support any bandwidth from 64 kbps to multiple hundred Mbps with uptime exceeding 99.5% or 99.9%.

Wifi Design Services

If you are looking for complete Wi-Fi designs, Onsite RF surveys or any other wireless services you’ve come to the right place!

Our Wi-Fi team will assess your business needs to ensure complete coverage, we can also help you to modify and expand the coverage or capacity of your existing system.

We provide system design and consulting services in the following areas:

  • New Deployments
  • System Expansions
  • Technology Upgrades
  • Feasibility Studies
  • AP placement
  • Predictive Network Design
  • Onsite Surveys
  • Post-installation Wireless AP surveys
  • Implementation and Commissioning
  • BOM and Project Specification
  • LAN Technology room surveys and
    Audits for Wireless Network provisions
  • Wireless AP Cabling Solutions
  • As-built Drawing and Documentation

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Ours is a rich history providing holistic ICT support services; by designing, developing, implementing reliable and effective solutions, over the years we’ve learnt a thing or two about helping our customers getting IT right, the first time.

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