Code of Conduct

It is the aim of CFTS to provide services at the very highest level to the local and East African Business and the NGO community and accordingly the integrity, efficiency, impartiality, and fairness of its' management and staff must be beyond question, the successful business operation and reputation of CFTS is built upon the following principles of fair dealing and ethical conduct of our all employees and partners.

  • Clear and Honest Communication
  • Exemplary Teamwork
  • Commitment to high Industry and Personal Standards
  • Zero tolerance for corruption (in any guise)

At CFTS, our reputation is firmly built on integrity and accountability, and thus we have a zero-tolerance policy on corruption.  No management or process system that requires accountability can function properly with corruption, as it automatically implies a lack of accountability and mismanagement of information. Therefore, CFTS will not participate in or contribute to any manner of corruption in our business.