Core Brands we Support and why

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Of course, we install and support other brands; However, these brands are where we have our expertise, passion and competence, and we hope in this section of our site, you will understand why.

The only way to entirely understand these solutions is to install, use, configure and test, that is precisely what CFTS has been doing for years on a daily bases within our production and fully virtualized test environment.


Your Networking Ally

Founded in 1989, ZyXEL is more than a brand they are the manufacture and developer based in Taiwan and have a long and accomplished history, a lot of patients that the communications industry relies on, are ZyXEL's.

Over 30% of their total budget goes in R&D, from our own experience a robust, reliable full-featured and exceptional value product range for the for mid to high-end networking and security appliances, CFTS's go-to brand for networking hardware.

CFTS has direct manufacture support making implementation and customization a breeze even in complex environments.

zyxel installer and network solutions uganda

CFTS has been installing and supporting ZYXEL's products since 2004 and proud to be ZYXEL's Certified Channel Partner since 2015.

Need to know more about ZYXEL visit here.

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Aberdeen Inc.

Your Custom Server & Storage Company

Founded in 1991, Aberdeen LLC is a leading manufacturer of servers and storage, unparalleled reliability and outstanding value, Aberdeen's award-winning products are deployed every day by IT departments in many of the world's largest organizations.

This brand is our go-to choice; indeed all our servers and storages devices are Aberdeen's without exception, come and see them for yourself, Quality, Functionally, Price and 5-Year warranty is unmatched.

CFTS has direct manufacture support making implementation and customization a breeze even in complex environments.

aberdeen supermicro server and storage solutions uganda

CFTS has been customizing, installing and supporting Aberdeen's products since 2002 and proud to be Aberdeen’s Certified Channel Partner since 2003.

Need to know more about Aberdeen Inc. visit here.

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Toshiba / Dynabook

Digital Transformation for a Changing World.

Founded in 1875, is a Japanese multinational conglomerate headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. Its diversified products and services include information technology and communications equipment and systems.

CFTS is Affiliated to Toshiba's No.1 Repair centre outside of Japan; DSR. CFTS can give you unrivalled support for the Toshiba range of computer products.

toshiba uganda

CFTS has been customizing, installing and supporting Toshiba's products since 1998.

Need to know more about Toshiba visit here.

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Molex Premise Networks

Dependable Solutions for Demanding Environments

Founded in 1938, MolexPN (Premise Networks) based out of the EU a manufacturing tier 1 structured cabling company, on par with Siemon and deals with most if not all elements of a 'structured cabling system', A company with a long prestigious history of quality and innovation, recently became a subsidiary of Koch Industries.

Molex support and quality are unmatched; to the extent that one of our projects in Rwanda required custom cable and connectors to remain compliant, Molex manufactured to spec at short notice, we don't know of any other cable manufacture that can or will do that.

molex premise network and structured cabling solutions uganda

CFTS has been installers and designers for Molex CAT7 and CAT6 structured cabling system for over ten years.

Need to know more Molex visit here.

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Industry-leader in SD-WAN and LTE cellular bonding

Founded in 2006, based in the USA, Peplink another innovative and groundbreaking company that specialized in load balancers and SD-WAN routers to enhance, secure Internet reliability and reduce costs.

Again another product we have been using for a long time. The most solid Bandwith management and first-line edge security device we have come across, the security aspect of these devices, is more of a by-product of sound, thoughtful engineering and design rather than a specific feature.


CFTS has been installing and supporting Peplink products since 2008.

Need to know more about Peplink visit here.

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Making network managers' lives easier

Founded in 2000 and based in the UK Appliansys integrates best-of-breed network application software from various vendor partners and the open-source community into appliance wrapper, to make well-designed solutions simple, secure, reliable and saves and money.

Appliansys devices are much misunderstood and underrated. Appliansys specializes in optimizing internet and DNS requests saving on average 30-40% of internet bandwidth as well as offering excellent content control, really shines when used in high-density user environments such as education, hotels or public access areas with VSAT or highly congested connections.

A great way to boost internet availability while maintaining costs.

appliansys internet appliances uganda

CFTS has been installing and supporting Appliansys products since 2008.

Need to know more about Appliansys here.

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Unified Communications Solutions

Founded in 2002 Headquartered in the US, Grandstream Networks is a manufacturer of IP voice and video communications equipment, video surveillance, gateways and analogue telephone adapters, and Asterisk-based IP-PBX appliances.

Another innovated and underrated brand, we been using Grandstream since 2005/6, their VoIP and CCTV appliances are intuitive robust and well thought out, easy to integrate into most platforms as all equipment is standards-based.

As with most of these brands, we use Grandstream ourselves on a day to day bases, this our go-to brand for VoIP, CCTV and Conferencing, we have installations ranging from 10 to 380+ units and never an issue.

CFTS has direct manufacture support making implementation and customization a breeze even in complex environments.

grandstream voip conferance and cctv soltions uganda

CFTS has been customizing, installing and supporting Grandstream products since 2005.

Need to know more about Grandstream visit here.

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Learn new ways to connect and create

Founded in 1975 in New Mexico, an American multinational technology company with headquarters in Redmond, Washington. It develops, manufactures, licenses, supports, sells computer software, consumer electronics, personal computers, and related services. Its best-known software products are the Microsoft Windows line of operating systems.

Let's face it only the most popular business OS in the world, and still very much under-utilized in most places of business, at CFTS, we concentrate on SMB/enterprise installations.

  • Server-side / Client-side Setup
  • Endpoint control
  • Exchange Setups
  • AD
  • Hyper-V Server
  • DHCP
  • GPO
  • Server Migration
  • Clustering
  • Security

As well as Implantation of OS hardening and integration of Windows into Linux,  MAC environments or Vice Versa.

windows servers

CFTS has been customizing, installing and supporting Microsoft products since 1994.

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All-In-One Enterprise Backup and Continuity Solutions

Founded in 1989 and based in the US, Unitrends has been in the backup business for quite a while. Originally a software company, Unitrends moved to the physical appliance model a number of years ago based upon customer feedback, with a goal to improve the customer experience.

CFTS has been using Unitrends since 2011 in the enterprise and SMB space, and an integral part of CFTS own in-house backup and recovery solutions works well in virtualised and physical environments excellent bare metal recovery facilities with advanced, AI-based ransomware detection that analyzes patterns of data characteristics and alerts admins early of a ransomware attack, and it really works.

unitrends backup uganda

CFTS has been installing and supporting Unitrends products since 2012.

Need to know more Unitrends visit here.

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Securing your digital future. The next generation of Cyber Defense

Founded in 1985 based in Germany, G Data Software AG, is among the oldest security software companies in the world. As a specialist in internet security and a pioneer in the field of virus protection and have remained pioneers in innovation for IT security ever since.

CFTS has been using G-Data since the late '90s in the enterprise and commercial space, its protection is unmatched, but it does carry a more significant CPU overhead than others, on a modern computer, not an issue. Still, the older ones you will notice a slight performance decrease, probably the best protection against ransomware hands-down.

gdata antivirus uganda

CFTS has been installing and supporting G-Data products since 2005.

Need to know more G-Data visit here.

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Security solutions that do not suck

Founded in 2003 and based in New Zealand, Emsisoft produces innovative anti-malware solutions that are efficient, powerful, unobtrusive and minimalistic in design.

One of the things that caught out attention was the minimalist interface. And later, the exceptional enterprise console, an excellent overall antivirus and malware product that works well on older machines, straightforward to administer, as well as having a top-notch offline emergency recovery app.

emsisoft antivirus uganda

CFTS has been installing and supporting Emsisoft products since 2011.

Need to know more about Emsisoft visit here

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Smarter Cybersecurity® solutions for the connected world

Founded in 1977 based in the US, Webroot specializes in endpoint protection and malware protection.

Again another product we have been using for a long time, we predominately use this on storage and mail servers as an additional layer of protection to any other AV that's installed. There is no single AV product that gives 100% coverage, this with G-Data or Emsisoft has proved to be a formidable combination.

webroot malware protection uganda

CFTS has been installing and supporting Webroot products since 2014.

Need to know more about Webroot visit here

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Flexible email management, security and collaboration features for on-premises, virtual, or hosted server deployments.

Founded in 1996 in the US, Alt-N Technologies makes Mdaemon a Trusted, Affordable Exchange, 365 Alternative, but that description does not do this mail server justice.

Again another product we have been using for a long time, Mdaemon leads the Groupware mail system platform in power, flexibility, security and administration is a breeze, we love it.

MDaemon is a perfect replacement for Exchange more features and an excellent built-in document management system with a very efficient IO, memory, CPU usage.

A very robust platform that is easy to administer, maintain and backup.

Mdaemon groupware and mail system uganda

CFTS has been installing and supporting Mdaemon since 2004.

Need to know more about MDaemon visit here

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ORF by VMSoft

Award-winning e-mail security and monitoring software for Microsoft Exchange

Founded in 2002 located in Hungary, Europe.Vamsoft, an independent Hungarian software development company since 2002 that specialises in tools for Microsoft® Exchange, IIS and SMTP against spam and other email-borne threats.

ORF is especially suited for multi-language environments, and it has a distinguished focus on zero false-positive rates, preventing loss of relevant emails.

There is no single technology that would stop all junk emails, so ORF does the next best thing and forges the industry's best performing anti-spam technologies together into a unified, rich and extremely effective framework.

As with most of these brands, CFTS uses ORF on a day to day bases, this our go-to application for virus/spam control and brand protection.

Also fills in various security gaps with Exchange such as DKIM, SPF and access control, a fantastic product well worth the investment in money and time, ORF forms the backbone of our spam control, we have never regretted it.

vmsoft anti spam control orf uganda

CFTS specializes in first-line spam and content filtering systems, and have been installing and supporting ORF since 2014.

Need to know more about ORF visit here

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Efficient and secure compute platform for hybrid cloud

Founded in 1998 and based the US, VMware specializes in cloud computing, bare-metal hypervisor, virtualization software and services.

We have been using VMware since the beginning, its the best hypervisor platform for its cost by far, unmatched in reliability, flexibility and performance, as well as being one of the most mature hypervisor environments available today. 

CFTS runs its entire infrastructure on VMWARE both locally and internationally, we have recently embarked on HCI (Hyper-Converged Infrastructure) project using VMWARE at our offices in Uganda.

vmware virtualisation solution uganda

CFTS specializes in bare-metal installs, and we have been installing and supporting VMware installations since 2002.

Need to know more about this brand visit here

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Compute Smartly

Founded in 2003 based in the USA, NComputing is a desktop virtualization company that manufactures hardware and software to create virtual desktops (sometimes called zero clients or thin clients) which enable multiple users to share a single operating system instance simultaneously.

Due to the thin client design, these devices have an exceptionally long and low maintenance service lifespan, while being highly robust, secure and scalable.

One of the most efficient ways to repurpose existing hardware and rapidly deploy compute resource to many users in a cost-efficient easy to maintain platform. 15 years later we are still using them.

One of CFTS lesser-known specialities is Thin/Zero Clients using a single host virtualization platform, NCompute is a viable and cost-effective solution for consolidating resources for sharing, works very well within an existing virtualized environment, suitable for small offices, libraries or indeed for anyone needing an independent secure network.

ncompute, ncomputing solutions uganda

CFTS has been installing and supporting NComputing solutions since 2005.

Need to know more about NComputing visit here

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Tabiri Analytics

Affordable cybersecurity monitoring for underserved markets

Founded in 2018 with operations in Rwanda, the Tabiri continuous monitoring service combines signature-, behavioural-based detection, machine learning and AI to detect anomalies in your networks infrastructure.

Tabiri Analytics, Inc focuses on providing affordable cybersecurity on organizations in underserved markets. With a worldwide shortage of cybersecurity professionals, businesses are overwhelming the internal IT teams with additional security tasks leaving IT infrastructure systems exposed due to such inefficiencies. With the Tabiri continuous security monitoring, an organization can rely on our security experts to provide the extra eye-balls and support your IT team with all security matters.

CFTS became a partner after installing the services at our offices in Uganda, the speed and accuracy in spotting incursions before they become an issue was impressive, to say the least.

ai network security analytics uganda

Finally, CFTS in partnership with Tabiri will provide an affordable continuous monitoring service that will free and unlock the productivity of your IT team. Contact CFTS for a quote.

Need to know more about Tabiri Analytics visit here

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Design and manufacture of battery-based, off/on-grid renewable energy systems

Founded in 2001 and based in the US, started by three engineers with a long history of developing technologies for renewable energy applications.

We have been designing and installing technical power solutions since 1995 and using Outback since 2001 in all our solutions. Our self developed office power solution has Outback at the centre of it.

Bottom line: If you are installing or upgrading to a technical battery-based renewable energy system, Solar + Energy Storage, CFTS's Power solutions using Outback are the only choice.

outback flex solutions uganda

CFTS specializes in technical power installations, and have been installing and supporting Outback based solutions since 2001.

Need to know more about Outback visit here

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