Email, Antivirus & Threat Management

Defence against known and unknown cyber threats is an ongoing battle for all enterprises the ‘fire and largely forget’ solutions are no longer working. It makes sense to outsource your infrastructure’s protection to a specialised security partner.

A multi-layered defense is crucial to stop these different kinds of threats getting through to your mail systems, PC, Servers and core data. CFTS delivers a comprehensive range of solutions that will help address the current threat landscape using a practised and experienced no-nonsense approach, while providing proven cost-effective solutions for small, medium and large enterprises.

It's no longer viable for organisations to assume they can cope with the current threat landscape, organisations need to build up (or outsource) operational capabilities in the four critical areas of intelligence, prevention, detection and response.

E-mail Platform Deployment and Management Antivirus Platforms Threat Management Platforms
Microsoft Exchange
Cloud e-mails Services (MDaemon, IceWarp)
CFTS Own Secure Cloud Plaform

CFTS fully supports these and other solutions and can advise you according to your needs and situation.