Our Facts and Questions (FAQ) is a knowledge base that allows you to find answers and in some cases solutions to some of the more common questions to our IT services and business operations. If you can't find an answer, contact us, and we will be happy to help, this FAQ is updated continuously so feel free to visit regularly.

Knowledge Base

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Administrative Information

This section answers company related questions such as affiliations, legal and banking information etc..


CFTS offers premium business internet, which is uncontended 1:1 with no packet shaping, CAPs or fair use policy just pure internet, we have our own bandwidth pool ensuring consistency and reliability, that can be delivered by Fibre, Copper, Radio or VSAT

Hosting and Cloud Services

Whether you are looking for a personal website hosting plan or a business website hosting plan, with over ten years experience CFTS is the perfect solution for you.

Our robust website hosting services will not only help you achieve your overall website goals but will also provide you with the confidence you need in knowing that you're using a reliable and secure website hosting platform.

Who are we and what do we do?

CFTS is first and foremost is a network infrastructure company with a very a deep background in IT support and the appliance industry, offering a wide range of ICT services since 1994, from sales, computer repair, upgrades, network, It fit-outs, technical grade power solutions and consultancy.

So whether you're looking for computer repairs, IT support, a network for your new business, upgrading existing infrastructure or a complete IT fit-out, we can help.

For a complete list of services that we offer visit here.

ICT Infrastructure | ICT Support | Power | Communications | Internet | Servers and Storage | Data Recovery | Hosting 

Security Threats and News

This is not an all-inclusive security blog/FAQ I'm covering the latest that most likely to affect you, I will assemble in information in an easy to read format that is as complete as I can make it.

I will try and cover the relevant latest threats affecting software, OS, hardware, cloud networks, etc, will update as I can.

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Ours is a rich history providing holistic ICT support services; by designing, developing, implementing reliable and effective solutions, over the years we’ve learnt a thing or two about helping our customers getting IT right, the first time.

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