What types of transfer are their and what do they do?

Registrar Transfer
This transfers the registration of a domain from one registrar to another. This is usually used in conjunction with a transfer of hosting through a Name Server Transfer but can be done independently. A Registrar Transfer cannot be processed within 60 days of registration or a successful transfer.

Name Server Transfer
A Name Server Transfer is used to move a domain's hosting and email from one host to another and may or may not be done in conjunction with a Registrar Transfer.
Use of IP pointing and zone records can achieve the same results but are usually used where hosting and email accounts are not transferred together in advanced DNS management.

Ownership Transfer
This is used to transfer the ownership of a domain from one person or company to another and excludes the transfer of an existing website or email accounts.
Please note that Domain ownership and Account ownership need not be the same thing.


on Thursday July 19 by Peter Atkin
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