IT Out-Sourcing

For some companies, the prospect of employing someone to take responsibility of their IT systems can be expensive. Budgets don’t always stretch to allow a designated IT Specialist, and if your company uses systems, data and needs to be able to share documents, you may feel that you’re in a situation where you need an IT Specialist but can’t afford to employ someone full or part-time.

CFTS provides comprehensive IT Support to a range of businesses, and we have a range of solutions to fit the size of your company and your budget.

Outsourcing someone to provide support for your IT needs can seem like a daunting task sometimes, but CFTS can provide a bespoke package to support your company, make sure you’re receiving all the specialist need and help to ensure you and your staff are using your IT systems to their full potential.

Outsourcing isn’t about replacing services your company previously used; it’s about enhancing those services and providing other services, which will make your business more streamlined. CFTS will take into consideration the size of your business, what you want to achieve, how many staff use IT systems and where you would like to store data, and we can suggest a range of services to compliment your business.

Choosing to Outsource your IT services with CFTS allow your staff to work at their optimum with no disruption and enhanced services, it also provides a lower cost of IT support. If there is a problem with any systems, CFTS will be there, if you need advice or information about systems, CFTS will guide you and know the answers, if you have a budget restraint but want to expand your IT services to move in line with new technology and ways in which other businesses work, CFTS are your first choice.

With CFTS IT Outsourcing, nothing is lost; everything to gain, expansion and a better way to work for your staff and your business