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How do I block emails from J.P. Monfort - the infamous king of spam!

One thing most people don't realize is that 99% of what we call "spam" is really a crime or at the very least attempted crime. Many of the spams are setting the victim up for a planned future crime. There are 80 criteria that can classify it as a criminal activity.

Today's "Privacy" climate, and all the various activities now in motion to preserve and protect people and business anonymity is actually aiding cybercriminals and helping them be more successful at avoiding detection and getting caught.

If you use a "public" email address like Gmail or Yahoo or AOL, then there's absolutely nothing you can do except tighten up on blacklisting and filtering provided in your online software.

If you have your own email, through a host, and your own domain, then you can begin filtering and blocking IP ranges.

CFTS unwittingly opened our door to JP Monfort, our bad and been paying the price ever since, OK so you want to know how to get rid of him:

We finally managed to block 'Mr. Spam King' completely by using 'expression filters' most enterprise spam engins allow expression filtes, we use ORF by vamsoft for our exchange server and frankly the software and the support we get has been flawless, for those that manage their own spam control, this expression filter should work, makes sure it scans both subject and body, alter to suit your specific needs:


Jaime Pozuelo-Monfort brags that he has been able to flood the mailboxes of almost 12 million professionals, by his own account.

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