Our Vision

To establish a centre of IT excellence within the East African region and to provide professional, technical and management expertise resources as well as a comprehensive range of innovative solutions that are comparable with modern IT centres throughout the world. This is achieved by:

  • Believing in the individual is paramount;
  • Creating,managing and maintaining one of the best I.T. companies in Uganda
  • Delivering advanced technology, knowledge and services;
  • Undertaking activities that promote and support the sustainable use of appropriate technology in Uganda.
  • Developing, through education and general awareness an understanding and appreciation of IT in general.
  • Believing in a holistic, total systems approach to the resolutions of problems;
  • Continually improving our technologies with regards to the ICT Industry.

Innovation is very important for so many reasons, without innovative thinkers most solutions would not stand the test of time especially here in Africa where the environment can be so unpredictable on so many levels. That is why all our teams are not only trained in the technical aspects of the job but also in both creative and logical aspects of themselves.  This is done by having an environment that actively encourages this aspect, growing good ideas and exploring them to their fullest whenever possible.