Power Solutions

Power conditioning is crucial to the successful, trouble-free operation and maintenance of any network and its components. Additionally, the quality of installation of the electrical subsystem is of even more important than the equipment installed. A dedicated power subsystem eliminates virtually all the problems associated with networking computers/lab equipment powered off the conventional grid electrical supply.

Type of Solution Power Source Equipment 
Commercial Solutions
Server Rooms
Data Centres
Office Solutions
Portable Solutions
Grid Tie
Multiple Energy Sources
Electrical Protection
Energy Efficient Servers
Energy Efficient Storage
Energy Efficient Lighting
Energy Efficient Cooling
Energy Monitoring
Whether you need UPS system, batteries, DC power plants, Portable DC Solar solutions, we have the experts in-house to help with anything from the smallest desktop UPS to the most extensive data centre design and construction project, with over 20 years technical experience in the field we can confidently say 'we have a solution for you'. Our customer base includes Laboratories, health units, telecommunications and computer centres. We guarantee a personal, reliable, and efficient service whatever your power requirement, you can see a full technical installation at our premises that covers most needs.