Recommendations and Testimonials


James Statter
Director / Ndege Skies
The support and general all-around knowledge of the CFTS team have been exceptional; it's evident that CFTS values customer support as a cornerstone of their business model, to which we have not experienced previously in Uganda, and rarely bettered elsewhere in the world.
George Bwambale
Head of Support / Elite Digital Solutions
CFTS has sufficient service backed by knowledge and professionalism they handle my jobs and those of clients referred, their expertise in the provisioning of ICT solutions is exceptional. I have the confidence to refer clients for a friendly and efficient service regularly.
Nada Andersen
Director / Star Leo
I highly recommend Computer Facilities as this is a boutique IT solution provider, unmatched in Kampala.
Nick Astle
Quality, Standards & Creative Consultant / Consultant
Peter and CFU have always been at the vanguard of the IT business community in terms of new technology and adaptive solutions. Always a pleasure to work with and an entertaining host.
Greg Feist
Projects and Infrastruture Engineer / Total E&P
The project was completed to the highest of standards excellent documentation and great results resulting in a successful project. As a result, I have no hesitation in recommending CFTS for any network related project no matter the complexity.
Pierre FUMAT
IT Manager / Total E&P Uganda
We have no hesitation in recommending CFTS for complex large-scale networks.
John Magnay
Head of Agriculture / Opportunity International
THE best IT service provider in Uganda, and a real characture to go with it...
Eric Bos
Architect / Project Manager / FBW Architects & Engineers
Peter was responsible for the installation of the first CAT7 network in Uganda. In the turmoil of this project, I've come to know him as highly professional and flexible, determined to deliver the highest quality for the client.
Jacques Schrier
Managing Director / Fiduga Ltd.
Peter knows what he's doing.
James Turner
Management Consultant / Aikan Uganda Ltd.
I am confident recommending Peter as a determined, intelligent and highly competent IT professional. I worked with him on 3 jobs in Uganda & DRC in 2005. His quick grasp of concepts and pragmatic approach make for workable solutions in the African environment.
Apollo B. Gabazira
Country Director / Care International
The firm under the leadership of Peter did a commendable job, and the work that was done reviewing, defining solutions, and designing an appropariate ICT platform has been referenced in the region as a model.

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Ours is a rich history providing holistic ICT support services; by designing, developing, implementing reliable and effective solutions, over the years we’ve learnt a thing or two about helping our customers getting IT right, the first time.

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