Remote Managed Services

Secure Your IT, Increase Efficiency, and Maximize Uptime with CFTS Remote Management and Monitoring Service, protect Data and IT assets from all types of threats.

Key Features Backup and Recovery Managed Antivirus
Remote Monitoring
Remote Access
Desktop Management
Automation and Scripting
Patch Management
Data-Driven Insights
Mobile App
Backup And Recovery
Managed Antivirus
Web Protection
Risk Intelligence
Mobile Device Management
We Protect your Data with
Sophisticated Backup Services and
Systems with Rapid Disaster Recovery.

True Delta Backups
Backup Accelerator
Bare metal protection
Virtual and continuous disaster recovery
Bandwidth throttling
Standby image backup
Private encryption key
- with end-to-end encryption
Advanced Encryption Standards (AES)
Backup locally and/or in the cloud
Protect Against Known Viruses and
Catch New, Hard-To-Detect Malware

Extensive signature-based scanning
Heuristic checks
Active protection and behavioural scanning
Default policies
Powerful customization

Time-based browsing policies
Individual or Sitewide blacklists
Bandwidth monitoring
Threat Protection

In short, we can give you the tools or fully manage your IT department - regardless of the technology platforms you've invested in or the size of your company.