Secure Mail and Groupware Systems

In today's changing world of needs and regulations it's no longer an easy choice for mail platforms, or how you host them, do it in-house or go via a 3rd party hosting services or your own-cloud?

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On-Premise Solutions

We have been offering Hosted / On-Premise Collaboration and e-mail services to our clients for more than 20 years, and remain committed to customized strategies and top-of-the-line products, we work in a consultative capacity first and foremost to recommend solutions that make the most sense for your company, we can then install and setup once the appropriate solution is worked out.

Crucially, we’re not here to push any particular product, or to sell anyone on communication technologies they have no use for, we do have our favourites brands but we are solution first, we offer both Commercial and Open Source solutions.

Hosted Solutions

CFTS maintains its own secure cloud and on-premise hybrid infrastructure since 1994 we know what we’re doing, our own hybrid cloud platform providing unparalleled control facilities and security.

Feel confident hosting your business-critical applications in data centres with high availability guaranteed as partners with Tier 1 backbone providers to create a highly flexible environment of enterprise-grade infrastructure managed by networking and data centre specialists.

  • Established 1994
  • Uganda
  • Proven Infrastructure
  • UK
  • Automated Backups
  • USA

Don't want the hassle of maintaining your own server or infrastructure, no issue use ours, or go for an appliance!

Share and Collaborate

CFTS Unified messaging solutions integrate various forms of electronic messaging—chat, email, fax, text messaging and more—into a single, streamlined interface, making messages accessible from different devices.

The Email/Collaboration server stores messages and groupware collaboration data on the email server, thus centralizing all business content. Webmail, Connector for Outlook, and ActiveSync allows you to share Email, Folders (including sub-folders), Calendars with free/busy scheduling, Contacts, Distribution Lists, Tasks, Notes, and Documents between users and devices.

Both Mdaemon and Icewarp perform these tasks very well, Exchange is a good option if you don't need integrated document management and happy to use 3rd party services/app for email security and spam control.

Mail Migration Services

A business may need to migrate its emails from email client or service to another for some valid reason. In that case, you need an efficient email migration service, CFTS has that experience, we have been doing mail and data migrations for over 20-Years and we support most system and platforms.

Some Migration Scenarios

Migrate To/From


  • On-premise to Cloud Service
  • Cloud Service to On-Premise
  • New email service provider
  • System Failure
  • Change for better features
  • Consolidating several accounts
  • e-mail upgrade
  • Mdaemon
  • Icewarp
  • Horde
  • Exchange
  • Outlook
  • IMAP
  • POP
  • On-Premise
  • Cloud
  • Hybrid
  • cPanel
  • Webmail
  • Linux
  • Windows

Securing Systems

CFTS has been securing on-premise and hosted platforms and systems for a wide range of clients since 1994, we offer consultancy as well as install and retrofit services. Some of the services we offer:

  • Latest Security and Encryption
  • Advance Spam and Security
  • Advanced Deliverability Technology
  • Integration with existing Software and Infrastructure.
  • Support for both Commerical and Open Source solutions.

Solutions range from network policies management, effective hardware firewalls, unified threat management systems, monitoring and edge/boundary security to internal/external VPN turnkey appliances.

Turnkey Email Gateway Appliance

CFTS Turnkey appliances Virtual or Dedicated Hardware is a great way to go if you don't have the in-house capabilities or want the hassle of maintaining an e-mail or collaborative system while also offering the benefit of unmatched security, flexibility and low TCO.

email and groupware appliance

Ideal for companies that need an enterprise solution without the headache of excessive technical support while keeping full control of your data.

All our Appliances are supported licenced and warranted for 5-Years.


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