Secure Mail Systems

In today's changing world of needs and regulations it's no longer an easy choice for mail platforms, or how you host them, do it in-house or go via a 3rd party hosting services or your own cloud? CFTS has a proven track record in the integration of knowledge and skills over many years in this field with world-leading products such as MDaemon, IceWarp and Exchange. CFTS can set up your own internal mail and collaboration system or securely host for you. Our systems are tried and tested and offers flexibility, security and ease of use. Here are just some of the features and services available.

Features Ease of Use Security
Seamless Cross-Platform Access
- Windows, Linux, Andriod, Chrome, Mac
E-mail, Calendaring and Planning
Cloud storage for all Documents
- files up-to-date and available from everywhere
Smart Attach with Deduplication
TeamChat collaboration in real-time
Online Editing of Documents
Outlook Compatible
Web Access or Client-based
Apps for Desktop and Mobile
Domain Setup (Brand Protection)
- SPF, DKIM, DMAC and more.
Real-Time Security
Secure files Sharing
- no need for VPN
Active Directory Integration
Advanced Email Security
SPAM & Virus Protection
Archiving to Multiple Locations 

Users can easily work with email, calendar, contacts, or use native applications to create, view and edit documents in common Office formats, removing the need for expensive Microsoft office licences lowering your TCO substantially.