Support and Maintenance Plans

CFTS offers a range of IT support plans graded as Bronze, Silver and Gold depending on the needs. The Service Level Agreement is a document that is discussed prior to a 'service plan' contract being signed and is reviewed on a regular basis to reflect changes to the IT configuration and services within the environment accordingly.
Advantages of the support plan include: Points that will be detailed in the SLA include:
Clients on support contracts take precedence over
- 'Pay as You Go' clients
Companies are able to budget for their IT costs
- Onsite support, with no call out fee, is guaranteed
*if an issue cannot be fixed remotely
A Service Level Agreement (SLA) agreed by both parties
Response times depending on whether the issue affects
- e.g. whole network, server down or a single user
Where responsibility lies for each part of the network/service
- e.g. broadband, backups
As important, what is not covered by the support plan
These support plans are aimed at clients who rely on their IT infrastructure and need the assurance that any IT issues will be dealt with quickly and efficiently.