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We treat customers' data with the highest level of confidentiality. Our recovery process is implemented in such a way that only the customers themselves will look through the recovered data in our office to verify that the recovered data is good for acceptance unless agreed otherwise.

During this data reviewing session, the customer will be given access temporarily to the recovered data through temporary local access, storage media or network share protected with passwords in all instance and are hardware encrypted. Besides that, the recovered data is never put on-line to reduce the risk of unauthorized access.

Our internal office and lab units are installed with security CCTV to monitor any unauthorized access. This includes the whole building that is installed with security CCTV providing 24-hour round the clock surveillance.

Only personnel who are assigned to the recovery jobs are permitted to access to the recovered data. The original data media sent for recovery process is securely held in a dedicated environment.

If your organization requires specific agreements, these are accommodated on a case-by-case basis and for many major corporations, we can sign a perpetual non-disclosure agreement.

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