Packing drives for shipping Open


It is critical that your device is correctly packaged so that it does not suffer further damage in transit to us. If you do not have a proper packing box, the following alternatives are adequate.

  • For the postage of a single hard drive, place it in an anti-static bag, then wrap it in bubble-wrap or foam at least 8cm thick on all sides. Place that in a sturdy cardboard box, making sure that it fits snugly and cannot shake around inside the box.
  • For an external storage device, use the original box in which it was purchased, or follow the above procedures (without the anti-static bag) but use at least a 15cm thick padding of packing foam or bubble-wrap.
  • For multiple drives, wrap each drive in at least 3cm of bubble-wrap. Then layer all the drives together in an additional 5cm of bubble-wrap and place in a sturdy box. Make sure the drives fit snugly. Please do not use polystyrene chips or any packaging material that contains dust.
  • For a large drive array, complete computer system or server, this should be delivered by a specialist courier or taxi, or placed in the original packaging in which it was purchased in order to post it or send by another courier.
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