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The following are the procedures that take place during a standard and RAID recovery:

You need to send us (or deliver personally if local) the failed hard drive or storage medium, don’t forget to include your contact details.

  • Download our recovery form, fill it out and email back to us, we will contact directly back with payment details.
  • Please see the instructions on how to pack your device.
  • On receiving your storage medium, we immediately label it with your details and create a job card.
  • We examine the device and diagnose it for the cause of failure.
  • We provide you with a firm quotation for the recovery, and the length of time expected for the recovery.
  • In the event of mechanical failure, we will need to send to our partners in the UK for recovery.
  • We make images of all the original drives. We never work from the original drives unless time constraints or damage force us to, although this is rare.
  • When the recovery process is complete, we verify the quality of the recovered data.
  • We send you a file listing containing the names of the recovered files. You can examine the file listing and tell us which data is important, so we can verify it before returning your recovered data. (The presence of a file name in a list does not necessarily mean the file is healthy.
  • We discuss with you the best way of returning your data. Up to 20GB can be copied free of charge to DVD. Alternatively, you can purchase one of our drives (desktop or portable) to contain the data, or you can send us one of your own drives.
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