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Because of the very nature of data recovery nothing can be guaranteed, by default data recovery is needed because of either software or hardware damage, which cannot be fully evaluated before data recovery begins.

However we have a lot of experience in this field and can offer a pre-recovery service for a minimal fee of $20.00 (for walk-in clients), this will give us a fair idea on how to proceed or not as the case may be, thus limiting your initial financial exposure, should data recovery not to be possible.

Once you have agreed to data recovery there is a minimum charge of $180.00 to be paid upfront and non-refundable for local recovery, the final bill depending on circumstances can be as high as $650.00 for a single none raided drive / media when data is recovered locally.

Experience has shown that the average price of data recovery varies from $180.00 to $340.00 while this is not a certainty it is the norm.

We have spent time developing both hardware and software to aid in this process as such we have a very high success rate.

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