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You might get into a situation where you have really screwed up your LVE (lightweight Virtual Environment), here is a quick way to reset them, the best way is to create a new ve.cfg file with the following default content, within an ssh or terminal session with root privileges. 

Backup the original config just in case

mv/etc/container/ve.cfg /etc/container/ve.cfg_back

Make a new config

nano /etc/container/ve.cfg

copy paste (as text only) this into the new config

<ubc enabled="false"></ubc>
<cpu limit="100"></cpu>
<ncpu limit="1"></ncpu>
<io limit="1024"></io>
<mem limit="0"></mem>
<pmem limit="262144"></pmem>
<nproc limit="100"></nproc>
<other maxentryprocs="20"></other>

Save and exit then apply the new config settings using the cmd line below.

lvectl apply all

This is exactly as I have done it works a treat with CloudLinux 7.x, yep I screwed up too.

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